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/ Friday, 14 August 2015 @20:47 /

Day 02 - Where you’d like to travel next

I think it's pretty well known that I really would like to go to Jap. What most of you might not know is that I've actually been to Japan. I went when I was about 7 years old and it was a pretty exciting experience. What made it not the great trip was the fact that we went as part of an Asian tour and it was basically cramming a whole bunch of plays into a couple of days. Because of the busy nature of the tour and I was also pretty young, I don't really remember much about each place. 
Which is why I would love to go again!! 
The thing I love most about Japan is that it's a great combination of modern and traditional. The fact that you have the best of both worlds in one country is really fascinating as well as beautiful. 

Sam Alive 

Sam Alive

More recently, I've been really wanting to go to South-East Asia, Thailand specifically. My love for Thai food(lame, I know) triggered me to research Thailand and the place just sounds so exciting. I really love the outdoors and the thought of beaches and waterfalls and snorkeling and elephants sounds so fun and I really really want to go. 
The nightlife in Thailand is apparently really exciting and everything about Thailand seems so fun. 


Japan pictures from here (This guy also happens to be my favourite photographer)
Thailand picture from here

/ Tuesday, 11 August 2015 @02:28 /

Day 01 - Favorite place(s) you’ve been to

Of all the different places I've been to I loved Singapore and Hong Kong the most.
There is something so foreign and unique yet so familiar and comfortable about these places.
The food, weather and just the experience in themselves have been really enjoyable.
I think it's also the fact that I've had little expectations for them but I've really had fun in these places.
It also helps that have family from both these places, so it makes the trip there more enjoyable.
Although I've traveled to places like S.Korea, Japan and the US, HK and Singapore have been my favourite places because the experience was just really relaxing while still being able to get really immersed into the country. With other countries I've been to, it was like I was trying to fit too many places into a trip or my expectations were too high.
Singapore and Hong Kong are places that I've been to more than once and I definitely want to go again!!

/ Saturday, 8 August 2015 @22:39 /

Day 01 - Favorite place(s) you’ve been to

Day 02 - Where you’d like to travel next

Day 03 - An adventure/challenge you had while traveling or living abroad

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Day 05 - What do you bring with you when you travel?

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Day 07 - Besides people, what did/do you miss from home?

Day 08 - A favorite food from another country/culture

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/ Wednesday, 5 August 2015 @23:23 /

Hi, it's been a while.

I did some blog re-vamping and yeah thought I'd drop by and say hello. 
I can't promise to post more, but who knows?
The next couple of weeks will be crazy and I honestly don't know what to expect but we'll see.
Yeah, I felt bad for not pasting but whatever.

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