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/ Thursday, 26 March 2015 @01:43 /

I spend money on iPhone games

I like Korean hip hop music better than English hip hop music 
(San E and Beenzino are gold)

I adore kpop but I think a good 60% of kpop fans are ridiculously stupid and ignorant 

My spelling is appalling 

I have only ever done my eyebrows once 

My shuffle can go from punk rock to Taylor Swift and that makes me weirdly happy

The Free Tibet organisation is an organisation that I feel very strongly about and one day I wish to actively participate in their campaigns

The only romance novel I like is Eleanor and Park 

I love singing duets even though I get extremely embarrassed after doing it
(My Boo-Usher & Alicia Keys)

Short Stack used to be my favourite
(I used to think they were so cute and omg how embarrassing)


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