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/ Tuesday, 11 August 2015 @02:28 /

Day 01 - Favorite place(s) you’ve been to

Of all the different places I've been to I loved Singapore and Hong Kong the most.
There is something so foreign and unique yet so familiar and comfortable about these places.
The food, weather and just the experience in themselves have been really enjoyable.
I think it's also the fact that I've had little expectations for them but I've really had fun in these places.
It also helps that have family from both these places, so it makes the trip there more enjoyable.
Although I've traveled to places like S.Korea, Japan and the US, HK and Singapore have been my favourite places because the experience was just really relaxing while still being able to get really immersed into the country. With other countries I've been to, it was like I was trying to fit too many places into a trip or my expectations were too high.
Singapore and Hong Kong are places that I've been to more than once and I definitely want to go again!!

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