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/ Tuesday, 29 September 2015 @22:08 /

Day 03 - An adventure/challenge you had while traveling or living abroad

I think generally when travelling, the most challenging part is finding comfort in somewhere unfamiliar. There is nothing nicer than being amazed over seeing something for the very first time but I think to truly enjoy a place you need to feel comfortable. I don't know if this is applicable for many people but for the most part, I'm a homebody. I enjoy the ease of my own personal space. When it comes to travelling, sure there is that initial amazement, but once that wears off I find myself really uncomfortable. I also have a huge fear of getting lost and the anxiety I feel when I don't know where I am going hits me hard every. single. time. The thing that helps the most is to find things that remind me of home. My last overseas holiday was to the States and the thing I felt most comforting was hearing an Australian accent. There is something so reassuring about hearing a familiar sound. Whilst I was in Hawaii, I had a tour guide from New Zealand and even that made me happy. So that's my challenge. Finding the familiar in unfamiliar places.

Sam Alive

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