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/ Tuesday, 10 November 2015 @22:22 /

Day 07 - Besides people, what did/do you miss from home?

A lot of things really AHAH When travelling overseas you really learn to appreciate your home country. I think one of the main things is Australian food. I will fight anybody who says Australian food is bad because we honestly have it really good. The combination of amazing produce and being a country full of immigrants means that we have authentic food made from really top notch produce. I've heard constantly that some of our Asian food tops Asian food from that actual country because of the fresh food we have. I also know that some of the best quality beef in other countries comes from Australia so you cannot deny Australia's food game!! 
As well as that, I just love the variety! 
Bless our multicultural community ♥

So yeah Australia's food game is on point!! 

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