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/ Tuesday, 14 March 2017 @03:34 /

So it's been just over 6 months since I've posted here.

During those 6 months, I've been busy (working, uni, working, working, uni) and I just couldn't put into words what I really wanted to say. It definitely took a toll one me, not having an outlet to vent but I overcame this by journaling and just writing things by hand. I feel like there is definitely a pressure to write the right words when you blog because you are posting it for the world to see (regardless of if anybody actually reads it, I mean it's still out there on the internet).

I kind of got back into handwriting stuff in general when I started taking notes at uni (went back to typing lecture notes bc all my lecturers talk too fast, but I digress). I've always enjoyed handwriting birthday cards for close friends (If you don't get a handwritten essay on your birthday, it means we're not friends) ( kidding my essays are pieces of art that take a long time to craft, thus you shouldn't be too sad bc they only appear once in a blue moon lel).

This year I started a 365 journal and I really enjoy it. It is difficult coming up with something to write every day but I love how candid and random I can be. It's a place for me to be obnoxiously poetic and at the same time I can say the dumbest shit and it doesn't matter bc nobody is going to read it. (I have 3 days worth of crying over Your Name, no joke) And it's not even that nobody will read it, I won't even go back to read it, which is kinda the best part. It all comes out and that's it. Whereas this blog, because i am so self conscious about what I post, I'm always re-reading and editing and it kinda makes me hate everything I post. Just because it comes out of such a raw place and to see it so refined is really strange and not right?

 So yeah that's my spiel. I might come back, I might never come back? But at the moment I am very content with writing random bullshit in my 365 journal so yeah.

(so cringe lmao0

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