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/ Wednesday, 16 March 2016 @23:37 /

Hello hello,

I'm three weeks into university and the stress is starting to kick in. Assesments for my subjects are coming in and it looks like crazy times ahead.

I am SUPER disappointed with my history unit and it's so heartbreaking. Content wise, it's the stuff I love but the way it's being taught  is so tragic. The lecturer we have talks so quickly and it's as if she just wants to get the lecture over and done with, similarly with my tutor she seems like she just doesn't want to be there and I am currently sucking it up but crying in the inside. On a lighter note, one of our assessments is a research task and we get given a selection of questions we can look at, and one of my favourite eras of history WWII, specifically the war in the pacific, is one of the questions and I can't wait to start it!!(I'm a nerd whatever)

My favourite unit right now would be my education one. Right now we're looking at representations of teachers and children/youth and what it says about being a teacher and it makes you really think "why am I doing this?". And I mean that in the best way possible because it feels good to really reflect on your choice of becoming a teacher. Although I've wanted to be a teacher for the last two years or so, I don't think it's really hit me that I'm actually studying to become a teacher. I don't think the content would have been so engaging if it wasn't for one of our main lecturers, who also happens to be my tutor. He's super cool and has really fun lectures, so it's super enjoyable. We are going to be having different lecturers towards the second half of the semester but I'm not too worried about that, just because I do like my tutor so it should be fine (I hope AHAH)

As for my two other units, they're both English units. I don't hate them but I don't love them either. My Constructing the Fictive Self (engl1026) lecturer isn't the most interesting lecturer but he is quite passionate and tries very heard to engage with us, which makes the lectures a lot better, Texts wise, they're not my favourite but it really is a different experience discussing it in lectures and tutorials because seemingly boring and slow texts do become much more interesting, so there's that. Tutorials wise, I really like my engl1026 tutor. She's nice, straight forward and easy to talk to and it's just super interesting to hear what she has to say about the texts. 

As for my Narratives of Romance and Adventure (engl1002) it's pretty much what I expected, in that it's pretty boring. My lecturer right now seems to lack direction, so it's really hard to understand the main point of what he is saying. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed our first text, The Odyssey, but I feel like he's made me dislike it LOL. Our unit coordinator is starting to lecture next week, so I'm PRAYING that it'll be better. At this point in time I don't know how to feel about my engl1002 tutor. I might just not like the lectures and that has passed on to the tutorials but we're moving on to a new text so hopefully things might change.

Everybody at USYD seems super nice but it's been pretty difficult to make actual friends because when you do an arts unit, everyone is doing a different course. So you do have people doing educ/arts but a lot of people I have encountered are doing either bachelor of international and global studies or arts/law. Basically everybody is all over the place, so you don't see many familiar faces, which makes it a little bit harder to make friends. I've been talking to a lot of different people but it sucks that I have to wait a week before I see them again, and even then we're just sitting in the tute but ah hopefully things will be better as time goes on.

Wow this is super long. Sorry for my crazy rambling!! If you have stayed till the end, tysm. I know most of the people who are reading this are first years or "freshies" (uni slang yo) so I hope your uni experience has been a good one. And if it has honestly been super crappy, hopefully things will get better once you've settled in!


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