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/ Sunday, 28 February 2016 @03:48 /

University has come quicker than expected and it's strange to think that 13 years of study have accumulated to this. For the most part, I'm quite excited. I finally get to do something that I'm passionate about and the idea of it has my heart racing. As excited as I have been there is still an element of nervousness. Making friends, making my way around campus, keeping up with the work and there are the underlying thoughts of whether what I'm doing is right for me. My course outlines have finally been uploaded and my excitement for them gives me the indication that I'll love learning but the thing I've been most nervous about is whether I am prepared to teach it. Obviously, this is why I am going to uni, to learn how to be a teacher, but it's hard to imagine myself becoming a teacher. 

It doesn't sound like I'm excited but I honestly can't wait. Like I said previously, my course outlines just came out and my American History unit almost had me in tears because of how amazing it sounded (I geeked out so hard it was so embarrassing but yolo) My last course outline to be uploaded was my mandatory education one and it sounds a lot better than I was expecting it to. I met the professor taking the unit and he was pretty cool and it pretty much cemented my overall excitement for the course.

I think I just need to remain positive and put things into perspective. I'm doing what I love and I shouldn't worry too much about everything else.

I'll be in class in approximately 10 hours, send me positive thoughts, good vibes aND PRAY THAT I DON'T GET LOST AND COME LATE

/ Thursday, 11 February 2016 @01:47 /

"Who's influenced you the most in your life?"
"My principal, Ms. Lopez."
"How has she influenced you?"
"When we get in trouble, she doesn't suspend us. She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us. And she tells us that each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. And one time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter."
For followers of Humans of New York, this should be a familiar photograph. I thought I would share it because this is what encouraged me to pursue teaching. A lot of people have asked me "Why teaching?", especially since I had little interest in pursuing before this year*. I knew I wanted to do a career where I could help people and sure there are a lot of careers that do that, teaching is one where you could see the direct results of your actions and you also have a much larger reach.

After seeing this picture, it didn't immediately encourage me to pursue teaching but it did make me more aware of the efforts of my teachers. A teacher's combined passion, not only for their teaching area but, for their students that inspired me to go into teaching. Helping people has always been one of the main factors in choosing a career and I think becoming a teacher is one of the best ways I could possibly do that. I feel this way because I don't think a good teacher is one that teaches well because in the end all people are different and I feel like it's impossible to teach in such a way that will benefit all students. I think being a teacher is more of a learning experience. It's learning the needs of each student and learning ways in which you can benefit these students in the long run. By a teacher learning such things this, in turn, becomes a valuable experience for your students.

As well as wanting to help people I have a huge passion for history, not only because the events and personalities fascinate me (although that is a huge part of it), but because it says so much about humanity and the human condition. The changes in history say a lot about the changes in society and I personally believe it's a subject that helps you to understand people.
((I'm such a history geek it hurts))

Right now, I'm majoring in English and minoring in History. It would've been the reverse but because I want to get my TESOL accreditation I have to gain a certain amount of either, English or language credit points, so I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry and decided to major in English.
(this is a ridiculously long sentence HOW AM I GOING TO BE AN ENGLISH TEACHER)

This is another long post, sorry if I've been babbling. I wanted to share why I wanted to go into teaching but I feel like I just went crazy and just wrote everything that came to my head. And sorry again if this is all sorts of grammatically incorrect like I said I kinda just word vomited in the hopes it would make moderate sense.

*I wrote a draft for this last year and I was too lazy to rephrase the sentence whoops

/ Wednesday, 3 February 2016 @21:42 /

Hi, it's been exactly a month.

You would've realised that I haven't posted since the death of my rabbit. Although I was posting on my social media and all, I was having a hard time coping with the death of my little rabbit. For the most part I was really anxious because the death was so sudden we weren't sure the cause of it, so I became increasingly worried for my other rabbit. It also didn't help that I went on holiday a couple weeks later and had to leave him with relatives. Sure this worry is making me look after him better but at times it can be super irrational and hard to cope with.

To deal with this constant worry and restlessness (is that a word?) I've started to journal more and I thought I would start blogging again, especially since uni is coming up again. Hopefully this will help to soothe my uneasiness, not just for my rabbit but for school and my personal life in general.

Since I last posted I was sure I was going to attend Macquarie University but then I had a sudden change of heart. My atar was a complete surprise to me because I doubted my performance during the HSC and I didn't believed that I would be able to go to any other university. Once my marks came out I had so many choices and I kept tossing between staying at MQ and going some where different. 

On the last day of finalising university preferences I finally made the choice of putting University of Sydney as my first preference. With a lot of research and a little convincing from Laura I felt University of Sydney was the one for me. I came to this conclusion because, although I really did love MQ, the thing that set USYD apart from it was being able to get a TESOL certification in my final year. 

For those who don't know, TESOL stands for Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (god that's a mouthful). A TESOL certification is internationally recognised and allows you to teach English to both children and adults. In most Universities you have to do this separate to your degree but at USYD it's included into your education degree, which is what eventually won me over. I wanted to get a TESOL degree because I wanted to have the opportunity to teach all over the world and if there was the chance that I couldn't find a job in Australia, I would still be able to pursue teaching in other countries. It also opens doors to working with non-english speakers in Australia such as refugees, which is something I've really wanted to do for a very long time. 

So at USYD I am majoring in English and minoring in History (Modern) and I am honestly so excited. All my units sound super interesting and I am really excited. Again with the excitement there is still an element of anxiety but I think that if I remain open minded and willing to learn, each new experience will be valuable.

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